Bitten: The Complete Series (DVD)

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BITTEN is an action-packed serialized one-hour series set in a familiar world...where werewolves live among us. Based upon the bestselling “Otherworld” novels by Kelley Armstrong, the series is centered around Elena Michaels (Laura Vandervoort), the world's only female werewolf, and The Pack, the organized werewolf family to which Elena used to belong. The first season finds Elena estranged from her Pack, only to be drawn back in when a dead girl is discovered in the woods outside the town of Bear Valley and winds up being an opening salvo of an all-out war against the Mutts – rogue werewolves whose aim is to destroy The Pack. In season two, Elena and the Pack team up with a Coven of witches to fight against a mysterious foe determined to claim dominion over the Otherworld. In the third and final season Elena Michaels leads her family into a vicious war against the Russian Alpha and his Pack, who will stop at nothing to wipe out her bloodline.

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