Dance with Devils: Complete Series (Blu-ray)

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The stage is set, the players in place—join us for a musical delight about devils, danger, and love from the studio behind Princess Jellyfish. Ritsuka Tachibana is a normal high school girl who enjoys chatting with friends, eating cream puffs, and drinking tea. The last thing she ever expected was to become wrapped up in a demon’s game. The day she’s summoned to meet with the student council, her life changes forever. The handsome but mysterious boys of the council attempt to sweep her away—but what sinister motives lie beneath their sweet words? In an instant, danger hits Ritsuka’s home when a group of dangerous hooded figures captures her mother. Desperate to save her, Ritsuka seeks help from unexpected allies. Family secrets, a deadly war, and powerful magic become the norm as the pretty boys of the council reveal that they’re not what they seem. But, neither is she. Now, with a great power dwelling within her, a deadly destiny awaits!

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