Death Among Friends (DVD) (MOD)

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Don't jump to conclusions when you meet LA. homicide detective Shirley Ridgeway. Sure, she's a widow and a dowdy dresser who strides through crime scenes in sensible shoes. Sure,she's a meat-and-potatoes kitchen enthusiast whose idea of a romantic evening is meatloaf by candlelight. But she's handled 27 cases in the last 18 months, and they're all solved...except for one. Death Among Friends is about that one. and Mrs. R is determined to unravelthe mystery as she investigates a baffling murder at a Bel-Air mansion that's the play nest of an international financier, his staff, his friends and a photography publications Misses July, August and September. Kate Reid (Dallas) plays Ridgeway, leading a superb cast that includes john Anderson. Martin Balsam, jack Cassidy, Lynda Day George, Paul Henreid and A Martinez. Scripter Stanley Ralph Ross (Wonder Woman) also co-authored the voluminous Motion Picture Guide.

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