Dinosaur Train: Meeting New Friends (DVD)

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It's always fun to make new friends! First, join the Pteranodon family as they take a surprise day trip where they meet a tyrannosaur who has similar features to Buddy. Then, follow the family to a swamp where they see a 40-foot crocodile named Deanna Dienosuchas with many big teeth! The Pteranodons also journeys to the Jurassic where they make a new friend named Morris Stegosaurus, meet a turtle named Adam Adocus, and have lots more fun in these eight action-packed adventures! Episodes on this DVD inlcude: Rafting the Cretaceous, Stop and Smell the Flowers, Double-Crested Trouble, Tiny and the Crocodile, Triassic Turtle, Tiny's Tiny Friend, Beating the Heat and Hootin' Hadrosaurus!

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