Erdogan: The Making of a Sultan (DVD) (MOD)

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He rose to power as the anti-corruption candidate, challenging the old order and advocating closer ties with the EU. But now, Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to epitomise the concept of Turkish Authoritarianism. The attempted coup d'etat of July 2016 has enabled him to consolidate his power and silence all opposition. In this acclaimed new documentary, Emmy and BAFTA award-winning director, Gilles Cayatte, and expert on Turkish affairs Guillaume Perrier, profiles President Erdogan. Featuring an exclusive new interview with Fethullah Gulen, the man accused of instigating the coup, as well as insights from Erdogan's supporters and opponents, it portrays a leader whose sense of identity seems rooted in his power. A thoughtful analyses of the "despotic democracy" Erdogan is building in Turkey.

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