H2O: The Molecule That Made Us (DVD)

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Earth is alive because of liquid water, and the success of our human story is intimately connected to our relationship with this simple molecule. But the growth of our civilizations has created a dangerous dependence on a precious resource that may be about to run out. This three-part series explores just how critical water is to our survival and the challenges that are facing us.

PULSE: There’s an inseparable bond between water and life. But the world is changing and the pulse between the two is faltering. See how the flow of water is driven by its relationship with life. 

CIVILIZATIONS: Examine a new theory that puts water at the center of how humans first stood upright, see how civilizations are dictated by their relationship to rivers, learn how “virtual water” has hidden the consequences of excess water use, and more.

CRISIS: What’s it like to live in a world without access to water? Investigate global changes in storms across America, the over-use of aquifers around the world, the “mining” of underground water for profit, and more.

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