Masterpiece: My Mother & Other Strangers (DVD)

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In rural Northern Ireland during World War II, follow the fortunes of the Coyne family as the US Army Air Corps sets up a base next to their town. Moybeg is home to English woman Rose (Hattie Morahan, The Bletchley Circle), her Irish husband Michael Coyne (Owen McDonnell, Dominion Creek) and their three children, Emma, Francis, and Kate. With her English accent and her London ways, Rose is the only 'stranger' in the community. That is, until 4,000 American servicemen and women arrive along with the handsome Captain Dreyfuss (Aaron Staton, Mad Men). As Rose finds herself acting as peacekeeper between the disgruntled locals and the airbase, she is also drawn to the engaging young captain. As each episode brings them closer together, will Rose risk her family for this forbidden love?

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