Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis: Season 5 (DVD)

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Four new mysteries, which were inspired by the Inspector Morse novels of Colin Dexter. The Soul of Genius - When botanist Liv Nash accidentally digs up the body of the recently buried Murray Hawes, Lewis and Hathaway embark upon a seemingly impossible quest. Murray was a man possessed, fixated upon "solving" an impossible riddle by Lewis Carroll. But could his obsession have been dangerous enough to get him killed? Generation of Vipers - Lewis believes a subversive media blog holds the clues to a violent murder - despite Dr. Hobson's opinion that the victim's death was a suicide. Did lonely Miranda Thornton really kill herself when her online dating profile was leaked to, or was her death actually part of an intricate revenge plot? Fearful Symmetry - When babysitter Jessica Lake is discovered dead, Lewis and Hathaway are drawn into diverse new worlds beyond their usual Oxford College haunts - squats and swinging suburbia, monkey labs and fetish photography. But which of these new realms led to Jessica's murder? The Indelible Stain - When controversial American academic Paul Yelland is invited to speak at Oxford's Department of Criminology, it stirs up latent emotions campus-wide. And when he is found strangled in his room later that night, Lewis and Hathaway have plenty of suspects - but was his murder motivated by politics, ambition, or vengeance?

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