Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis: Season 7 (DVD)

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Lewis and Hathaway face three new mysteries inspired by the Inspector Morse novels of Colin Dexter. Episodes include... Entry Wounds - Hathaway starts work on his first murder case as an inspector with the help of a new partner, DS Lizzie Maddox. But as the pair delve into the worlds of neurosurgery, blood sports, and animal rights, Hathaway's theories are challenged by alarming new developments. He realizes he needs the insight of the retired Lewis to close the case. The Lions of Nemea - Lewis, Hathaway, and Maddox's abilities as a team are severely tested when they investigate the brutal stabbing of an American classics scholar. The bizarre case that follows takes in the cocaine trade, astrophysics, and ancient drama, but the truth is hidden in plain sight: a heartbreaking tragedy made possible by the most ordinary of secrets. Beyond Good & Evil - Thirteen years ago, Lewis successfully apprehended 'hammer killer' Graham Lawrie. Now, Lawrie is on the verge of freedom thanks to new evidence. Lewis fears the worst, but nothing can prepare him for a string of murders resembling the original case. With his mentor's reputation in jeopardy, Hathaway races to catch the killer.

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