Waccha PriMagi: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

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Like many Japanese students, Matsuri Hibino loves the PriMagi, an entertainment form focused on competitions merging elements of song, dance, and fashion, and her friends even tell her that she has the talent to perform in the PriMagi herself! Matsuri, however, isn't so sure, believing that she lacks the special element that makes the performances of PriMagi Superstars like Jennifer Sumire Sol so magical. Then a strange girl pops out of thin air and tells Matsuri that she's right, and that the missing element is actually magic! But the girl, Myamu, is magical herself, which she proves by turning into a cat, and she's looking for an Earthly partner to perform in the PriMagi with! Could Matsuri's dreams really have come true? Or has she been pulled into something more complicated than she could ever imagine? The answer will be unveiled when you watch-a WACCHA PRIMAGI!

Release Date: June 20, 2023

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